Sheds Senior

Our most popular storage building, the Senior style is constructed like a house. The Senior has 7" eaves & overhangs to give your storage building the look of your house in a smaller version.

Most people want an accessory building to match their home and a Senior model gives you this look.  Built with pressure treated 4X4 skids, 16" o/c wall & floor framing and engineered trusses with a 4/12 pitch, creates a strong building that will last for many years. Just like our other sheds, the Senior comes standard with a wood door, T1-11 Masonite siding, 3/4” floor decking, and 30-year architectural shingles.

We can customize any size building to match your home with different roof pitch and style, siding, doors and windows, roofing and painting.

Due to changes in markets, pricing is subject to change without notice.

Sizes and Prices

4x8 $1,150   12x12 $3,250
6x8 $1,325   12x14 $3,525
8x8 $1,550   12x16 $3,750
8x10 $1,700   12x18 $3,950
8x12 $1,850   12x20 $4,250
8x14 $2,050   12x24 $5,040
8x16 $2,300   14x14 $3,990
8x18 $2,500   14x16 $4,250
8x20 $2,700   14x18 $4,525
10x10 $2,150   14x20 $4,830
10x12 $2,400   14x24 $5,620
10x14 $2,700   14x30 $7,035
10x16 $2,900   16x16 $5,460
10x18 $3,225   16x18 $5,775
10x20 $3,425   16x20 $6,200
10x24 $4,000   16x24 $7,195
      16x30 $9,030

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*Restrictions apply
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