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C1 - 12'x24' 
4' Porch, Cedar Siding, Metal Roofing, 9-Lite Door, 6/12 Roof Pitch

C2- 12'x24'
Log Siding, 4' Porch, Regular Roof Pitch, Metal Roofing

C3 - 12'x24'
Log Siding, 4' Porch, Stained, 6/12 Roof Pitch

C4 - 14'x24' Flare
"Garage" Log Siding

C5 - 14'x24' Flare
Cabin/Garage, Balcony, French Doors,T111 Siding

C6 - Barn Flare
Cabin with Porch & Balcony, Metal Roof

C7 - 12' Wide
Log/T111 Siding, Balcony/Porch, 9 Lite Door

C8 - Cabin
1560 Sq. ft., Balcony/Porch on Front, T111 Siding

C9 - 14'x24'
Barn / Cabin

C10 - 12'x20'
Barn / Cabin

C11 - 12'x20'
Built on Site with Log Siding

C12 - 720 Sq. Ft.
Cabin with 1/2 Loft, Built on Site

C13 - 990 Sq. Ft.
Cabin, Built on Site

C14 - 16'x26'
A-Frame Cabin, T1-11 Siding

C15 - 24'x30'
Cabin, 1/2 Loft, Log Siding, Built on Site

Custom Portable Cabin, Log Siding, 4' Porch